We owe a tremendous gratitude to Björk for being a part of the Husmansbord Gastronordic Partnership and their contribution by sharing the best of swedish food at yet another great event in Milan, Italy.

The main protagonist of BeNordic is the Nordic Lifestyle, in all its aspects: design, food, music, literature, environment and sustainability. In this way, the event, which will involve a diverse audience in an active way. It will become an opportunity to discover firsthand the commonalities and differences that characterise the culture and values ​​of the countries of Northern Europe, experiencing the style of Nordic life. The BeNordic event, organised by the four official tourist organisations of the North Europe (Visit Denmark, Visit Finland, Innovation Norway, and Visit Sweden), plus Icelandair, provides for the participation of musicians, writers and chefs, as well as numerous organisations and companies of those countries that share with visitors their ideas and their philosophy in an innovative and stimulating manner.