Grythyttan, 6th may 2015

We have just recieved an interesting letter from our partner

Edouard Cointreau, Gourmand International.

Reading below.

FOOD CULTURE WINS, by Edouard Cointreau

Year after year, since 1995,

the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

reward food culture in every format.

It includes print and digital, books and multimedia, private and public,

free and for sale, big and small.

It is unique in world culture, a total of 205 countries participated in 2015.

The results will be announced for individual winners at

the awards event June 8 for Drinks and Wine Culture,

June 9 for Food Culture, in Yantai, the capital of wine in China,

and the birthplace of Shandong food.

In total 42 countries win Best in the World in 2015.

Out of the 205 countries who participated this year,

73 are in the top 3 for Best in the World,

which is 20 more than in 2013.

This rewards the fast worldwide increase in quality.

The number of categories is important,

to give every country a chance of winning.

In a similar way the Olympics

have more than double the number of competitions,

with the same number of countries participating.

The main 15 countries see changes.

Brazil, India, Peru, New Zealand join the top 15,

a symbol of their food culture vitality.

Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain drop out, a consequence of a decrease of investments in the sector mainly due to economic circumstances.

The comparison is between the results of the Yantai, China event June 8-9 , 2015

and the last Gourmand Awards in Paris in 2013,

at the Carrousel du Louvre, under the Louvre pyramid.

1- China –

The number of awards has risen steadily through the years,

to assume now the leadership.

China wins 13 Best in the World, up from 11.

It places 18 in the top 3 , up from 13.

The progress is from the top, concentrated in a few publishers,

with a big new audience for food television, starting in 2012.

China will do even better.

It can broaden its people base,

and get even more awareness and respect within China.

In the future, publishers, new media and television can work well together.

Since 2009, China has a very large delegation at Frankfurt Book Fair,

and Chinese publishers now have reached top level in Food Culture.

2- France –

The other leader is stable in quality and quantity,

with a clear leadership for wine and drinks.

It had 33 in the top 3 in 2013, and 32 in 2015.

The international competition increases quickly, it has 11 Best in the World,

while it had 17 in 2015.

It is respected worldwide as the best in Western gastronomy.

It´s main challengers are not in the West, but in other continents.

The preparations of the Year of France 2017 at Frankfurt will start having an impact in 2016.

3- Sweden –

The excellence of Swedish food culture is now clear.

It is the reward of over 20 years of steady private and public efforts.

It is a model for other countries.

It rose from 7th to 3rd in two years in the awards competition.

It places 21 in the top 3, up from 15.

The Gourmand Awards started in Sweden in 1998

with an event at Goteborg Book Fair.

At the big Gourmand Awards in 2005 at Orebro/Gryhyttan,

it was said that it would take ten years,

and that Swedish food culture would reach top world level.

It is now true.

4 – USA –

The strongest market in the world for cookbooks is over $1 billion,

some 20% of the world of cookbooks. There are many high quality books,

taylored for their home market.

The US rises from 6th to 4th place,

with 9 best in the World, up from 7.

5- India –

The rise in quality and quantity is so quick most are not aware of it outside the country.

India food culture is a giant that is awakening, with excellent books and food television.

It surges from 22nd to 5th place, with 9 Best in the World.

6- The UK –

Stability in the awards competition is already an achievement. Its food television stars have had their best years worldwide. It it is losing its command of wine books culture which it dominated for over sixty years, thanks to generations of giants who are retiring.

The future might be in the food treasures of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It went from third in 2013 to sixth in 2015.

7- Australia –

It became a world leader for food culture twenty years ago. After a slump due to quick growth, it shows a progress with deep roots, with a promissing future.

It places 11 in the top 3, up from 7.

8- Denmark –

It rose from 10th to 8th in the awards competition in three years, showing the results of determined efforts for Nordic Cuisine. It is very positive that the base is widening in Denmark, beyond the elite. It only won 4 Best in the World in 2013, with no 2nd or 3rd place.

In 2015, it won 5 Best in the world plus 6 in second and third place.

9- Japan –

The recognition by UNESCO of its food culture was an opportunity of much effort in 2013-2014 in the quality of the participation in the awards competition.

Sharing food and drinks are an excellent bridge to other cultures, and Japan is excellent at it.

It rises from 14th to 9th, quite a success.

10- Germany –

After several difficult years, German food and wine culture is blossoming again. It is reclaiming its leadership of the European market, with a new assurance.

It is hoped that investments in the sector will resume, now is the moment.

It rises from 15th to 10th

11- Peru –

The new respect worldwide for Peru food and drinks culture are the success of determination, hard work and creativity.

It shows in the progress in the awards, which can only be compared to Scandinavia.

It rises from 17th to 11th.

12- New Zealand.-

It is a small isolated country, where food and wine are big. Talented authors and publishers are striving to project their country to the Asia Pacific world, and it is working.

The Frankfurt Book Fair celebration had a long lasting effect.

It rises from 29th to 12th.

13- Brazil –

The investments in culture are rising, thanks to the sports events, and very dynamic publishers,

The improvement is stunning.

It rises from 43rd to 14th.

The Brazilian Kitchen and the food publishing conferences at Frankfurt Book Fair two years ago had very positive consequences.

14- Belgium

The country food culture is deep, but stagnating.

It is hoped that the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 will be a boost and give the energy the sector needs.

Flanders and the Netherlands will be the invited guests.

It goes down from 5th to 14th.

15- Canada-

It is maintaining the quality, regardless of circumstances.

It has many trade opportunities around the world for food and wine culture, in all directions.

Canada has so many friends.

It goes down from 9th to 15th.

This picture is showing Edouard Cointreau, Pelle Agorelius, Ko Tai Keung and Sebastian Valdemarsson at the Husmansbord swedish food cultural manifestation at Paris Cookbook Fair & Gourmand Awards 2013.

The headline picture to this post shows swedish lifestyle guru Steffo Törnquist winning Best in the World for spirits books at the same event.