I´ll blog this post in english to communicate with all international friends mentioned.

Beijing last month

Unfortunately I was not in Beijing last month but many Husmansbord-friends was. The event Gourmand Awards, as well as the Beijing Cookbook Fair took place organized by friend and culinary genius Edouard Cointreau and his family and staff.

Last year was my 4th year at the Paris Cookbook Fair, with the same friends and organizers. Always maintaining top level of intellectual approach to food on a global level I can assure everyone with a bit of care and interest in the line of food, Gourmand is the place to be. As a member of the “Gourmand Family” I know people all over the world sharing interests, and capacity to make change by combining the ability to share, with the ability to communicate, and the ability to do food, in practice.

Here´s a picture from our stand at Paris Cookbook Fair 2013. From the left Edouard Cointreau, myself-Pelle Agorelius, chinese wine expert Ko Tai Keung and Husmansbord-chef Sebastian Valdemarsson. Photo: Monika Agorelius, CloseUp PR

Even if I wasn´t in Beijing myself I feel strongly for the event and the “family”.
Congratulations to all new winners of the prestigious Gourmand Awards.

In the following link you can find some of what has been written about it from all over the world, click here